Subjectivities of highly skilled lead, tied, andequal migrant mother

Professionally mobile individuals tend to migrate for careerpurposes at the prime age of reproduction. This articlefocuses on highly skilled migrant mothers from differentcultural backgrounds living and working in Geneva. Thearticle argues that they inhabit and internalize their iden-tities as―lead, tied, and/or equal―migrants and this im-pacts ways in which they come to develop theirprofessional and maternal subjectivities. Highly skilledmigrant mothers who identified with their tied migrantstatus developed a neoliberal professional and maternalsubjectivity, whereas those who had internalized the leador equal migrant ideal subjectivities developed liberalfeminist professional and maternal selves. The typology ofpostfeminist/neoliberal versus liberal feminist migrantmothers’ subjectivities helps us to better understand thefeminist potentials for migration of highly skilled mothers.