Jūratė Charenkova

Project coordinator at the faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University

Jūratė is a recent PhD in Sociology graduate. The topic of her dissertation was “Identity continuity of older people during residential care facility relocation” and focused on many changes older people experience after relocation to a nursing home, such as changes in relationships with their next of kin, level of autonomy and control of everyday decision-making, leisure activities and occupational habits, etc. Jūratė’s role in the project is managing administrative tasks, timely achievement of project deliverables and helping the project leader Eglė Kačkutė with the overall project coordination. During the run of the project Jūratė will mostly focus on perceived meanings of identity of a mother (“career” of being a mother), centrality of this role, trajectories of relationships with now grown children, and mother role satisfaction, as well as perceptions of older women on motherhood, womanhood and gender roles.